What we do?

Doozy offers next generation Home Automation & Security Solutions allows you to control, Monitor and Secure your home with smart phone from any where in the world.
Home Automation¬†enables Smart Living and provides benefits like convenience and energy savings to homeowners by controlling and scheduling home appliances like Lights, Fans, Ac’s, Geysers, Doors, Curtains, Security Cams, Water pumps and more.
Security systems like IP Cameras, CCTV, bio-metric locks and burglar alarms always helps to monitor & secure your home 24×7.


No Rewiring

No need to change existing wiring to install our products, its compatible with your existing wiring.

Easy to setup

Our home automation products can directly install in your existing switch boards

Use simultaneously

User can control Home appliances with both physical switches and Mobile App simultaneously.

Easy to operate

Our products works with any smart phone, Mobile App is easy to operate no addition skills is required.

Quick Support

Our support team always keep in touch with you, respond in time and troubleshoot if any problem exist.

Affordable Price

Doozy provides best quality products&service at affordable price and meet your requirements.


switch ON/OFF

ON & OFF any Home appliances like lights, fans,AC's etc with your mobile from any where in the world.


Set Time and Date to switch ON/OFF the Home appliances like AC's, Geezers etc. will save power consumption

Events & moods

Preset light ambiance, music according to your moods like Party, relax, movie etc. set when ever require with a single click


App will display the status of Lights and Fans and switch OFF unnecessary appliances and saves power


Home security is our first priority, get instant notications when some one try to enter your Home

Lightning & Appliance Automation
Doozy provide customized automation solutions for Houses & offices according to the customer taste and requirements. watch video for more details
Safety and Security services
Doozy provides customized security services for Homes, Apartments, schools, colleges, and all other commercial projects. Watch video for more details